The Complete Network Performance Management Platform

Managing application performance and delivery across modern enterprise and service provider networks is not an easy task. We believe that you must capture and analyze data from applications, devices, and the network itself to get an accurate and comprehensive understanding of how well an organization is supporting application delivery. As a result, this belief has been the cornerstone of our approach.

PDQ unlocks the intelligence needed to manage the network for application performance with a full suite of analytics and reporting fueled by the most comprehensive data collection available.

With the PDQ, businesses can:

  • • Ensure problems are resolved quickly
  • • Mitigate risk from planned and unplanned changes
  • • Deliver consistent application performance
  • • Take measured steps to optimize application delivery
  • • Reduce and avoid unnecessary costs
  • • Collect data

We collect data across a variety of sources in order to give the most thorough and accurate picture.  These include:

  • • End-to-end application response times
  • • Packets
  • • Network traffic data
  • • Infrastructure device MIBs

We are constantly developing ways to help reduce management labor costs for our clients. Contact us today for a quote and consultation!