Cable & Data Service

Flexibility is the name of our game.  We’ll outfit your company’s internet connection based entirely on your bandwidth requirements, and will troubleshoot any issues to ensure you get t he highest quality browsing experience possible. Whether you run an office of eight people or eighty, we’ll find the right solution for you.

Voice Technology

Clients in need of voice services are in good hands with us.  We offer conventional TDM and VOIP, both of which bundle local, long distance, and broadband Internet services with existing PBX systems and our own V-Xchange appliance.  Think of it as one-stop shopping without the long lines.


Computers are pretty advanced these days, but they don’t always do the work for you.  Making the most out of your investment means training your employees on their new equipment.  We’re here to make sure that every one of your employees learns every last necessary detail.