At PDQ, we provide cost-effective networking solutions for your home office or small business complete with file and printer sharing, as well as a strong, reliable connection to the Internet.  We know how important saving money and increasing productivity is to your business, which is why we make streamlining your business our top priority.

Our devoted specialist will work hand-in-hand with you to customize, upgrade, or optimize an existing network setup or build one from the ground up. We can address all of your communications needs with expertise you can trust, from network hardware to software configuration.  We’re comfortable working with any and all operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows and even some variations of UNIX.  We can diagnose and repair faulty software on MAC and PC platforms.  Also, we can handle the installation of new software and ensure that it works on your existing configurations.

TN Network Solutions provides:

  • • Hardware and Software
  • • Network Design
  • • Network and computer troubleshooting and repair
  • • Network implementation
  • • Computer Training

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