IT Professionals

Small, medium and large sized businesses need long-lasting equipment. Upgrading your technology can be an arduous and time-consuming experience. At PDQ-PC, we can assist you in maintaining your equipment by providing long-term solutions within an affordable rate.

Having Network Issues? Need a Network? In most office environments, a network is the life-blood of a business. A network makes it possible to share resources such as printers, DSL, folders, and documents. Technology Support & Solutions can set you up with a cable or wireless network.

The majority of office environments today need a network. With a reliable network, you can run your business more productively and efficiently. In addition, if your computer system is constantly giving you problems, our specialist will do a complete assessment of your computers and network. We are committed to providing our customers with cost-effective long-term IT solutions.

VoiP Experts

At PDQ-PC, we’re firm believers in quality customer service, and our staff is available at any time of the day or night to help fulfill your communication needs.  Our technicians are second to none, and it’s their courteous, professional mannerisms that our keep our customers happy.   We’re ready and eager to start finding the solutions you’ve been waiting for. LEARN MORE


Backup Specialist

We know how valuable data backup is
to the business or home office. Your
data is irreplaceable, and putting it on
the line with minimal protection is far
too risky a decision. Your computer data
is vital to your everyday... LEARN MORE


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